I scoured the internet for a few days to try and find the best monthly box that I would actually use and enjoy..and finally after a couple days I stumbled across splendies! It’s a monthly subscription where you pay only $12 a month and you receive 3 pairs of undies! Perfect!

I signed up and awaited my first package and then it came – 7 days later.

Here is my first one:

It came in a small package like so:


and the undies were wrapped nicely in green tissue



here are each of the undies:


this one is super cute with the stripes and all. It was really comfy! It’s made out of a sort of silky/bathing suit type material, very smooth.


these are very cute and a bit sexy! they are lacy and I love the little peekaboo pinks on the top and bottom


this one is the thong option in the subscription (you can choose to not receive the thongs but it is a couple dollars more). It’s very nice feeling and cute, I only wish I would have gotten it a few days earlier so it would have actually been on St. Patricks day! But, still cute.
the strings are double lines, I really like that part


I love this monthly subscription and I definitely think it’s the best one I’ve come across, so check it out!


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