we are currently planning the girls birthday parties (1st birthday and 3rd birthday). We are just merging both parties since there is only a 13 day difference and it was just turning out to be a pain in the butt to figure out a place to do T’s birthday that wasn’t an expensive hall. 

So, T decided she wanted a pony party (my little pony) and I’m doing B’s party as owls. It’ll be interesting to see if we pull off both themes together and still have it look good. 

Anyway back to the story….I am browsing pinterest daily to gather ideas for both parties. T loves watching me do this. We were browsing yesterday, and of course…it’s pinterest, I’m going to get distracted and browse other things. Quietly I hear in my head “pony party”…of course, thanks memory I was supposed to be looking up pony things. Then I slowly turn around and there is T whispering “pony party…pony party” in my ear. Thanks kid!



Also, follow me on pinterest! I love finding new people. (

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